Our Story

‘Little Treasure’

Marking a moment of love with Your Ezara (n. little treasure) as a reminder, forever.

Named after Our first National Award Winning piece in the prestigious National Diamond Guild Awards, Ezara Fine Jewellery was born as a symbol of Our Love and Passion for traditional handcrafted jewellery.

Our Story

Laura Lediaev, National multi award winning Manufacturing Jeweller and gemmologist, combines her passion for unique, timeless design with her love for traditional hand-manufacture to create Ezara Fine Jewellery.

Working as a manufacturer for some of the most respected names in Adelaide Jewellery over the last 10 years, she launched Ezara Fine Jewellery to share her passion for quality, handcrafted jewellery.

Laura’s technical expertise in the manufacture of fine jewellery and gemmology informs her design and stone selection process; ensuring the perfect balance of grace and durability.

Collaborating with her clients as a designer and manufacturer allows a new level of transparent and immersive involvement. Creating a greater understanding of materials, processes and the engineering behind the hand-crafted jewellery which is, Your Ezara.

Laura’s deep and personal belief that every piece of jewellery embodies a moment of love is evident within the brand’s conscious design, superior craftsmanship and her client’s deeply personal jewellery experience.


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Gemmology and Design

Specialist stone selection and design advice direct from our gemmologists and jewellers.

Bespoke Jewellery

Bringing your vision to life with designs as unique as your love.


Each and every element is expertly handcrafted, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.


South Australian Gemmology Awards (Page 26, The Stevenson Award, The Jack Townsend Award)

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