Alba | Engraved ring

Starting from $1,700.00

Our Alba engraved ring features hand-engraved intricate milgrain scrolls and leaves that call Renaissance love stories to mind.


Whether you’re searching for engraved wedding bands, eternity rings, or a timeless keepsake to celebrate a special moment, our Alba engraved ring will sit seamlessly in any jewellery collection. 

Hand forged in 18ct yellow gold, every ornate detail of this 1.8mm wide solid gold ring has been carved by hand in our Adelaide studio. We can personalise this ring’s engraving by increasing or decreasing the level of detail, and carving initials or words.

Designed to sit low on the finger alongside any flat ring, this engraved ring is designed to add intrigue to your commitment set without detracting from your engagement ring.


The band

We’d be delighted to hand forge this engraved ring’s setting in 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, 18ct rose gold, or platinum.

The sizes 

We’ll tailor this solid gold ring to your finger size during our bespoke design process. 

Make it your own

Love engraved wedding bands but have an additional stone or different metal in mind? All of our jewellery can be customised to suit your style. 

Ezara founder Laura Lediaev is an award-winning jeweller and gemmologist who relishes the opportunity to design and handcraft unique fine jewellery you’ll treasure forever

Get in touch with Laura to make this engraved ring your own.